Welcome back! Here at Broadway Optometry, we pride ourselves on having the best customer service, the most knowledgeable staff, the most cutting-edge products, and the happiest customers! With so many big optometry businesses cropping up, we’ve been able to continue to thrive for decades in Chula Vista for one reason: our commitment to our customers! That is simply the quality that sets us apart; we see the people who sit in our exam chairs as family, and that’s how they’re treated from the very beginning. If it’s time for you to get in for an eye exam or you need to upgrade your prescription, contact us!

These days, there are plenty of beliefs about eye care and optometry. People who haven’t needed regular exams or have neglected routine check-ups might have some preconceived notions about what we do here at Broadway Optometry in Chula Vista. However, we see it as our duty to educate everyone on what’s truth and what’s fictional. In today’s blog, we’ll take a look at some of the biggest myths that exist regarding the vision and the eye doctor. Continue reading on to learn more!

Myth #1: I Don’t Have the Face for Glasses

We hear people say all the time that they don’t have the right face shape, skin tone, or bone structure for glasses. The great thing about glasses is that there are literally thousands of varieties to choose from. There are glasses that work better on round faces, glasses that make a square jaw pop, and glasses that make an oval-shaped face look amazing. If you need glasses but you’re not sure about the frames, come by and try some of ours on! We’ve got plenty of looks and different kinds to make sure you find the perfect frames for you.

Myth #2: If I’ve Had an Eye Exam in the Last Five Years, I’m Probably Okay

While you might go in for your regular exam and find that your eyes haven’t changed, that doesn’t mean that you should stop getting exams. It is recommended that you get eye exams at least every two years. If you have a degenerative issue or a vision problem is cropping up, you could need corrective lenses or even a more drastic measure much sooner than every five years! Make sure that you’re reaching out to us at Broadway Optometry in Chula Vista to get your eye exam today.

Myth #3: Taking Care of My Eyes Doesn’t Matter Because I’ll Get Lasik When I’m Older

While Lasik eye surgery is changing lives right and left and giving lots of people a second chance at great vision, there are some eye problems that Lasik can’t fix. Not every eye issue can be fixed with Lasik and for that reason, it’s vital that you do everything for your vision that you can. Get regular exams, wear corrective lenses if they’re needed, and do everything you can to make sure you’re thinking of the health of your eyes.

Myth #4: I Can Leave My Contacts in for Much Longer Than the Recommended Amount

It is recommended that you don’t leave your contacts in for longer than 10 to 12 hours in a day, however, some people don’t hold fast to this rule and they wear their contacts for much longer. This is actually incredibly unsafe as your eyes could be more prone to an infection if you wear contact lenses for too long.

No matter what you believe about eye care here in Chula Vista, it’s never too late to book an appointment for an eye exam at the best eye doctor clinic, Broadway Optometry. Contact us today to talk to one of our amazing staff members or to schedule your eye exam!