Just checking for distance vision during an eye test is much like reading the back cover of a novel and stopping—you’re missing most of the story. There is not an eye doctor out there that would state that distance vision tests tell them all they need to know about your eye health or vision acuity. As a customer, you shouldn’t be satisfied with just screening for distance or clarity alone. Because healthy vision is a multi-faceted aspect of overall wellness, it is important that your annual eye exam is comprehensive in nature, including all tests and procedures possible.


As your local eye doctor, we offer a variety of eye health examinations which test for a variety of complications and vision problems.

Experience the Broadway Optical Difference

Depending on your symptoms or concerns, our team of eye and vision care specialists can provide the following tests to ensure long-term healthy vision:

  • Acuity tests – Notable by the iconic eye chart that we’ve all come to be familiar with, acuity tests check for issues with near or far-sightedness.
  • Cover test – The cover test is designed to track how well your eyes work together, which may reveal problems such as strabismus, or a lazy eye, as well as other problems with eye function.
  • Ocular motility test – Ocular motility tests assess your ability to track moving objects, and is meant to help highlight problems with vision in reading or sports activities,.
  • Depth perception test – Utilizing 3D innovations, the stereopsis test helps determine your eyes depth perception level and their ability to recognize 3D objects as such.
  • Retinoscopy – Retinoscopy measures how light reflects from your eyes, helping to estimate your prescription level for vision correction. It is used in conjunction with the acuity and refraction tests to ensure a correct prescription.
  • Refraction – Meant to detect astigmatism and presbyopia issues, refraction tests measure the clarity with which you see the eye chart through a phoropter.

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Your eye health and vision depends on routine, all-encompassing eye exams delivered by an experienced professional optometrist. As Chula Vista’s premier optometry center, we promise comprehensive exams, ensuring healthy vision for all of your family members. Schedule yours now by contacting our patient care team either by phone or with our online form.