Collaborating with your laser eye surgeon, the Broadway Optometry team works to ensure that your vision is protected before and after laser eye surgery. Holding your long-term vision health as our highest priority, our eye and vision services were designed and engineered to provide protection before, during, and after the procedure.

Pre-Laser Eye Surgery

During the days leading up to your corrective surgery, we’ll help you understand the proper steps to ensure a complication-free procedure. Guiding you through the step-by-step process, your personal pre-op physician will highlight and pinpoint your specific needs while addressing all of your questions and concerns. We want you to go into your appointment with a full understanding of and complete confidence in the process.

Post-Laser Eye Surgery

After your vision correction procedure, we make ourselves available to you, helping you avoid the pitfalls and mistakes others have experienced, while also shortening your downtime and ensuring your peace of mind.

Contact Us

If you’ve considered laser eye surgery and are ready to move forward, contact the Broadway Optometry team now. Our approach to pre and post laser surgery has allowed many residents in Chula Vista area to confidently choose the life-changing surgery with enthusiasm. Call us today or reach out to us by filling out our online form.